The Playroom at Foxcroft Estate

We wanted our vacation rental home, Foxcroft Estate, to be super kid friendly. So when deciding what to do with this small basement room I had the idea to do a kitschy vintage playroom. This was one of the last rooms we worked on in the house and it all came together in 72 hours. This is such a cozy room and I enjoy hanging out in here to read. I think this might be the best place to read a book in the house. It kind of has Barnes and Noble children’s section vibes which instantly puts me in a reading mood.


We used wall to wall FLOR carpet squares in the color Marigold. I wanted to use a lot of bright and fun colors in this room and a mustard colored carpet seemed like the right choice. These squares were relatively easy to install and were so much more cost effective than traditional carpet. We also used FLOR carpet squares to create an area rug in our TV room. We’re big fans of their products!


The bulk of the furniture in this room is basic children’s furniture purchased online. We have a little table with chairs for coloring, a shelf with tons of toys and books, and even a fort that we tucked into the closet. The comfy reading chair is from Apt 2B. This chair is huge and can fit one adult and two kids easily.


The adorable wallpaper used in this room is Bradbury Wallpaper’s “Wee Folk” in blue. This pattern depicts a farm scene with goats, chickens, rabbits, dogs, and kittens. I used that as a bit of a theme and included a lot of animal art and stuffed animals throughout the room.

Decor & Toys:

Pretty much all of the decor in this room is vintage and most of it is animal themed. We got a lot of the books used and most of the toys and stuffed animals were purchased at Target. We also have a play kitchen and wooden train track.

Photography by Madison Kim-Poppen