The 1970’s TV/Game Room at Foxcroft Estate

While Foxcroft Estate was built in 1948, the basement wasn’t dug out until the 60s and 70s. I kind of think of the upstairs and downstairs as different homes in some regards. The ground floor is very traditional with one fairly cohesive theme. However, the basement has multiple themed rooms that have their entirely own vibe. We turned the largest downstairs room into a TV room and game room and went all out with the retro and groovy vibes. We went with a pink, yellow, orange, and green color scheme and my mom and I even painted a fun mural using the four colors. This is the best room in the house to watch a movie and we have an insane amount of games for a fun game night.


The sectional, coffee table, side table, game shelf, record storage, and game table/chairs are all from Apt 2B. I’m obsessed with the bright orange sofa. There aren’t many rooms where an orange sofa makes sense and I love that we were able to have fun with bold colors in almost every room in the house. The green recliner and tv stand are both vintage. We also have tons of bean bags and floor pillows for additional seating.


All of the lighting in this room with the exception of the Siamese Cat TV lamp are from Mitzi. My favorite lights are the pink fringe pendant lights flanking the TV. They are even cooler in person and were a huge inspiration for the design direction of this room. The custom neon sign behind the game table is from Yellow Pop. I think this piece really completes the room and the pink glow creates such a vibe.


The wallpaper is from Bradbury’s Mod collection and is called Mellotron in Kooky Coral. It incorporates all four colors in the color scheme and adds a much needed pop of pattern. While this room is very colorful, I definitely toned down pattern usage.

Area Rug:

The area rug is FLOR’s Retro Shag rug and is made out of their carpet squares. It is pink, yellow, and orange and is the only prominent print aside from the wallpaper. We originally wanted to do wall to wall carpet, but due to budget constraints we decided to polish the concrete floors to give them that Mid-Century look. The rug and floor pillows make it feel cozy and get rid of the warehouse feel concrete floors tend to have.


We have some really fun art in this room. One wall has a cat themed gallery wall. Additionally, we have a disco ball, Mid-Century starburst clock, and some great design books. I wanted to keep the decor fairly minimal due to the amount of other visual interest in the room. While not decor, one design element that I love is our staircase. I designed this staircase after seeing something similar in a Mid-Century home. This was a complete rebuild and is one of my favorite structural pieces in the home.

Curtains and Game Room:

The curtains are custom made by The Drape. I wanted to warm up this side of the room and I figured a velvet wall would do the trick. I also love that this wall can be used as a backdrop for photo shoots. It definitely gives the game section of the room it’s own identity that’s a bit different than the TV area. We have over 30 great games and puzzles in our game room. Foxcroft Estate is the perfect place to host a game night with friends.

Photography by Madison Kim-Poppen