Creating A Cottage Garden at Foxcroft Estate with Holland Bulbs Farms

This past April, I spent a week at Foxcroft Estate (my vacation rental property in Des Moines, IA) planting a cottage garden. I partnered with Holland Bulb Farms on the bulk of the project and received bulbs, roots, and seeds from them. I loved working with them. They have a great selection, quality products, and fast shipping. Plus, everything is very affordable! Every year I hope to add on more and more to the gardens on our property. I have big plans for the future of Foxcroft Estate and I was so excited to get the ball rolling this year! To see the process of starting the garden, watch my YouTube video below.

What We Planted:

Salvia, anemones, ranunculus, dahlias, poppies, peonies, hostas, chamomile, cosmos, gladiolus, marigolds, sunflowers, zinnias, and more! We also planted an apple tree and a fig tree.

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Photography by Madison Kim-Poppen