A Recipe For A Party-Ready Game Room on the Apt2B Blog

Welcome to Apt2B Presents: Retro Revival, the culmination of a year-long partnership with designer Emily Vallely-Pertzborn who undertook the complete overhaul of her husband’s circa-1940s multi-generational family home in Des Moines, Iowa. Apt2B furniture and decor marries Emily’s bold, eclectic creative energy to resurrect a dated and drab estate. Throughout this series, the designer is bringing us a grab bag of tips, tricks and expert advice for nearly every room of the home.

Hear me out: A game room might not be at the top of your home renovation list but if you regularly entertain or even love a good game night with family and friends, it’s so easy to plan for a room that already exists! Movies are great, but most of my favorite gatherings involve sitting around the table and playing a game. Of course, we can’t all have dedicated game rooms, but I was lucky enough to transform a spot in the basement at my Airbnb, Foxcroft Estate, into a groovy 1970s-style space.

Whether you have an official game room or circle around your dining or coffee table, read on for my tips that can be applied to any space—big or small— to create a great gaming experience.

Step 1: Set the groundwork for everyone with games for all ages.

If you’re planning a game night for the whole gang with a range of all ages, you’re going to need a variety of games that are geared toward children as well as things the whole family can enjoy. Candy Land is always a solid option to cater to the littlest ones, while Uno can be fun for multiple generations. The best place to start your collection is with the classics: Taboo, Pictionary, Monopoly, Scrabble and Life are a few to mention that can easily incorporate the whole family while keeping the kiddos engaged and excited. If a child is teetering the line on the ability to be involved, you can always partner them with an adult so they can get the hang of the rules.

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Photography by Madison Kim-Poppen